dictionaryNot everybody can write copy

It sounds arrogant but there's more to writing copy than stringing words together. You need to have a plan, a structure and a point. The tone needs to fit the cause and the subject must rise above the decoration. Drafts are pared down and for online use the demands of SEO, highlighting key words and phrases taken into reasonable account.

Pride in the written word has always been part of my working ethos and providing my clients with quality written content is a key element of most projects.

The current drive to showcase quality content above all else in search results instigated by Google is vindication indeed. If your words shine, then so will your website.

Many clients provide us with raw text which we can then polish, or we can write from our own notes. Headlines, body and captions can be a time consuming labour, so why not let us look after the whole project?

And the same goes for images.

Stock shots play their part but using outdated clip art or poor quality photography of dubious origin paints a subliminal message about the publisher. With our professional photographic experience, quickly coming up with a photo, be it a landscape from our extensive library or a humble pack shot, care is taken at every step.

We are also able to look after specialist work such as aerial photography from properly licensed and insured professional drones.

Quality is assured and if the work is commissioned you get the rights to use the images for their original purpose in perpetuity.

We also work with customer supplied images, optimising and manipulating each by hand to make them render perfectly online.

A website, brochure or ad is a framework that needs to be dressed, and making you and your products look amazing is all part of the Electric Farm service.

You can see a small sample of what is on offer at www.vyso.co.uk