Electric Farm Advertising

Designing and producing ads of all kinds and sizes for all manner of papes and magazine is our bread and butter.
We're good at making your company look brilliant.


Advertising Production

So your trade magazine or local paper has offered you a great rate, but what's the point if you can't supply the right kind of ad copy?

Publishers requirements can be a daunting challenge and it's all too easy to ask the publication to look after putting your ad together, but the results are rarely pleasing and you can't use it anywhere else.

Come to Electric Farm and we'll put together an ad for you that will not only make your investment in advertising work as hard as possible, but complies to the sometimes daunting publishers technical requirements. We can resize your creatives to work in all kinds of positions and titles so as the relationship grows (and it will) you'll be able to call on a growing collection of ads targeted at specific readerships.

We deal with national and local press, magazines of all kinds and can even deliver matching ads for print and online banner use, including animated presentations. Once commissioned our service includes dealing with the publication, taking another irritant off your desk.

Tight deadlines are a way of life for us and we are always happy to help if your back is against the wall. We can either come up with an ad from scratch, work up your idea or adapt existing corporate material.

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