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If you are running an SME and know you need to do more to get your business 'out there' but have been put off by the whole agency/web design/marketing scene we ought to chat.

Steve Vyse ND84156I'm Steve Vyse, and Electric Farm is my show. After decades of commuting to London running a mid-sized advertising agency there came a time to review the way I was doing business. The recession was very real for us and after seeing the order book for websites, print and press evaporate with projects going on indefinite hold and worse still, valued clients going to the wall, it was clear things had to change. With regret, the London based company was closed and after a period of what can only be described as mourning, I launched Electric Farm as a marketing services provider with a focus on websites, photography and print.

With Electric Farm I set out to work in an entirely new way. Leaving the overheads of a large office behind, the 'team' are a network of trusted developers and designers who come in physically or virtually to maintain or work on projects as required; I get to pick and choose the best possible people with specialist skils when I need them, and my customers enjoy top level expertise at competitive rates.

So no Electric Farm isn't a huge company and if that puts you off contacting us then so be it. However if you are reading this thinking "I like the idea of having years of experience on tap and might enjoy a straight forward free chat, low on waffle and backed up by a team of young designers and coders..." then read on.

I've worked with corporate marketing teams for most of my life and have come to realise that there is no magic bullet, no holy grail, no way to market your company without effort and cost. However if you are prepared to be clever, you can make a modest budget go an awfully long way without having to compromise on standards.

There's an apocryphal story about an incredulous customer asking a carpenter how he has the gall to charge £100 for fixing a persistently squeaky floorboard when he was only there for 5 minutes. The carpenter explained his charging structure - "Banging in a nail, a fiver. Knowing where to bang it in, £95." Expert knowledge is all. That's where I come in.

I regard positive chemistry as being so important, there is no charge for an initial meeting and am offering you a free consultation to discuss any on or off-line project you might be working on for….zilch, nothing, nada, with no commitment on your part either. You'll get impartial advice and a suggested plan which is yours to do with as you please.

This doesn't necessarily have to be a new project; I'm as keen to advise on ongoing work as on brand new initiatives. You might be looking at creating or freshening up a website, commissioning a brochure or perhaps you are reviewing marketing and branding as a whole.

Whatever the design or marketing issue you're pondering, a fresh pair of eyes and an unbiased opinion could be just what the doctor ordered.

Naturally all conversations will be held in confidence and there is no commitment on your part whatsoever.

What do you have to lose? Email or give me a ring.

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